Project Description

A common problem for fused filament additive manufacturing printers is nozzle drag which occurs on machines with more than one print head to produce parts with multiple materials.  There are many potential solutions to address nozzle drag and the most common for industrial machines is to use complex electronic controlled lifting mechanisms to lift inactive nozzles. The problem with the electronic lift systems is they are prone to failure and are overly complex resulting in significant coding and development for the printer manufacturer to provide a reliable solution for their customers.

The challenge presented to us was to develop a simple and reliable mechanical actuated nozzle that would accommodate most polymer filaments for use in fused filament 3D printing to allow for universal integration for 3D printer manufacturers to reduce the development and potential failures from more complex and failure prone electronic systems.

The AutoLift system is patent pending and is currently in use in hundreds of consumer and commercial 3D printing applications.

Project Detail

  • Dglass 3D, Inc
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Patent Pending
  • AutoLift 3D Printing Nozzles in Production
  • Product Develeopment

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