Project Description

A large plastic pipe manufacturer contacted us to develop a tool and process for installing gaskets on 18″ and 24″ diameter pipe during the manufacturing process. Once the project was scoped we interviewed the production staff to learn about the working environment, to understand the process workflow and gain employee insights on the ideal tool design. Our goal was to develop a tool to improve the gasket installation process by reducing operating fatigue, improving safety and ergonomics, and streamlining the process.

We leveraged an agile and iterative development process to create and test numerous design iterations in an accelerated time frame. We used our additive manufacturing machine to develop the rapid prototypes.  In fact, we designed the gasket installation tool around additive manufacturing technology so the final 3D printed part is used as a normal installation tool.  We were able to design the tool for maximum structural and impact resistance and leveraged our commercial 3D print head to print the high quality part.

We approached the project as a comprehensive end-to-end initiative providing detailed operation and users manuals for the use of the tool.  The 3D printed tool was adopted for regular gasket installation on the production floor.

Project Detail

  • Manufacturing
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  • Product Development

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